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pretty good I have not finished it but I'm doing fine and it's a great game

OH HELLO *reeeeeeeeeee*

Very good.

The first code will be one of the 4 seasons and the second is a color. It gets randomized each time you play.

Wish there was a better checkpoint system in the basement :/ You shouldn't have to restart the entire area by the time you open the combination lock

Wow its so good! :D


heres some help the first code is summer and the 3 digit code is red i hope this helped


This game is amazingly made. I loved it :)


Maple, fallen leaves and season.
I know the answer is ''Autumn'' but it doesn't work, I tried everything.




reminds me of my grandpa lol


Should I be concerned for your grandpa...


nah im pretty sure old men going on killing sprees are normal

don't you dare call my friends and I 'old men'. 😒


hey >:( i want to commit arson

i know right


great experience, I hope I can find more games like this for free


The game was freaking awesome ,but the only drawback is Spiders F**ked me up ,bro spiders is the worst ,I'M SORRY SPIDERMAN

IKR i could never get past the spider room behing the season lock thing

how do you kill the spider

shoot it twice!


shoot two times

THE GAME WAS AWESOME!!!!,I have so many thoughts and questions the game was really good .i hope we have a part two.

Maybe bc its the middle of the night, my room is cold and I have full volume on but holy thats scary.. But would be great if checkpoints weren't so far away

I like it but I feel like it requires an english proof reader on a few things. Ran a bit fine on wine while streaming but would prefer if it has a native linux version thou.

Overall great game, got some spooks from me as well.

Was not expecting this going in.  Was a joy to play.

how long is the game? Does it have more than one ending,?

great game weird enemies especially the pennywise spiders

the spiders freak me out so much omg

Grand-pappy's a lil' confused, but he still loves to chop wood with the grand kids. Hey! There he is now!


Is code MFLS

also i have the code maple , fallen leaves, and season



what are your hints

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Really good! The final part was difficult too, I loved it

darkness, shadow, color is one of the clues for the word lock that  can not figure out what is the answer t that word lock, again i have 3 clues, darkness, shadow, color

its "black"


i love the game its really fun but holy fuck the end is really hard to pass so like if you do any updates dev maybe calm it down a bit?



Was a really fun game and well crafted story and gameplay! It was very fun and super great! (YouTube is not going to like this video..)

How do you get past the part with the explosives


i dropped the shotgun and then i died and now the shotgun aint there :/

yeah dont drop the gun, it glitches out and you cant get it again




needs update

This is a wonderful little gem! Although, I'm a bit sad nothing happens if you spare the other patients. All and all, you really caught the atmosphere. Makes me wonder if Osborne was hallucinating all of it or if it was real..

The vanishing diary cements many facts.

What a gem of an indie game! The pixel art is creepy and well executed. The music and general sound design is eerie and haunting. The writing and story is intense and thrilling. The puzzles are fun. The learning curve is exactly right and the enemies have predictable behaviour that you can learn to master the art of killing. There might be a few typos in the journals you find, and it wasn’t exactly obvious how to mechanically unlock the padlocks once you had found the clues. But all in all - congratulations on this extremely well crafted and polished game!


I can't get past the part with the explosives 

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grrrrrr cannot beat thy game last level is impossible how go boom with explosives




Im stuck at the part where he finds the box with explosives :((((

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